Midterm project for Fundamentals Studio with Chris Fahey.

Challenge: In response to the NYC BigApps challenge, we were tasked to design a mobile application using at least one source of data from the NYC.gov Data Mine.

Having just moved to New York, I found the apartment rental scene to be broken. Various websites, services, and printed listings provide unpredictable levels of quality in terms of useful information about open listings. Often this information is out of date or worse, totally and completely false. Ultimately, the factors that truly determine if someone decides to apply for a rental are only apparent when that individual visits the apartment. This app is designed to cut to the chase by connecting apartment seekers directly with people showing apartments. No more scam craigslist ads, no more expensive brokers, and no more flyers littering our streets.

Solution: I designed a concept for NYCopenhouse, a location-based, real-time, utility application for the iPhone platform that connects renters directly with potential tenants.

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